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Amy Rose is a hedgehog from Sonic's planet. She has a REALLY HUGE crush on Sonic, but is also his very close friend. She can be loud, bossy, annoying and rude at times but she will still do anything for her friends, sometimes even enemies. 


Amy appears to be sweet and innocent. In reality, she is extremly overbearing. Amy can be extremely stubborn, never taking the hint that Sonic doesn't like her in the way she likes him. Amy is known to be agressively short tempered, punching things out of rage with her Piko Piko hammer. Sometimes even when someone simply mentions Sonic. Knuckles will often try to stop Amy from her violent ways but she refuses.

Unlike her game counterpart, this Amy happens to be agressive and somewhat unstable. She will immidietely antagonize people for saying anything about Sonic, and has a tendency to get angry over simple matters. She also happens to attack people for just the slightest amount of annoyance, and can also be selfish and bossy at times. However, her heart is in the right place. She will always help someone in trouble, and despite her flaws, she has a nice side. 

Amy Rose
First Anime appearance

Episode 3

First Video Game appearance

Sonic CD

English Voice Actor

Lisa Ortiz

Japanese Voice Actor

Taeko Kawata








Sonic (a LOT and her love interest), Cream and Cheese, Tails, Knuckles and teasing him, Chris, Cosmo, romance, daydreaming about Sonic,


Sonic ignoring her, evil people, Dr. Eggman, Rouge


Piko Piko Hammer, Unstoppable Rage

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