"Dark Oak" is the main antagonist of the Metarex Saga. He is the powerful leader of the Metarex, a large army of bio-robots that scours the galaxy for the Planet Eggs.


Dark Oak has one large, green eye and carries a golden sword. His armor is composed of varied shades of purple, with a large green orb on his chest and two tattered halves of a black cape hanging from his shoulders.

As Lucas, he is known to have light grey skin and purple hair with two brown non-flowering buds, similar to what Cosmo has too. He has be seen to wear black clothing with one dark red button on the center.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Oak was by far the most powerful of the Metarex, possessing a level of strength that matched that of Super Sonic. During his first battle with Super Sonic, Dark Oak's might proved to be so great that even Super Sonic was ultimately unable to defeat him in combat. At that point, however, Super Sonic had toyed with him so much that he was too exhausted to fight back, and Dark Oak even admitted that he only had a slim chance of beating Super Sonic in a head on fight.[1]

Besides his incredible power, Dark Oak was an intelligent schemer, able to lay out complex and successful plans of his own.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As a Metarex, Dark Oak had a unimaginable amount of physical strength, enough to injure Super Sonic and repel his charges with brute force. He also had an incredible amount of super speed, at least on a level comparable with Super Sonic's. He likewise possessed a vast amount of physical durability that allowed him to only receive a small wound from Super Sonic's attacks. He was also shown having the ability to fly, allowing him to move freely through the void of space.

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