Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 6, 2003
Episode Guide
Infiltrate! Area 99
Enter the Supersonic Hero! is the first episode of Sonic X.



Sonic runs from an Eggman robot.

The episode begins with Sonic running into Eggman's base while avoiding various defenses. Cream the Rabbit is being held captive, and Dr. Eggman happens to posess a red Chaos Emerald. While Sonic battles his way through the inside of Eggman's base, Tails and Amy attack from the air via Sonic's plane, the Tornado. However, they were very close to hit a rock until one man saved them by Breaking the rock with his only one fist, it was none other than Knuckles the Echidna.

When Sonic reaches the main chamber of Eggman's base, Eggman presses a button that activated the chaos emerald. It malfuctions and causes a large explosion that was seen from afar by Knuckles and Big. As the blast from the explosion spreads, it engulfs the main cast, and causes a white out.


Sonic finds himself in Station Square for the first time.

When Sonic comes to his senses, he is greeted with the sound of loud car horns, and as his vision fades in, he finds himself in the middle of traffic. Law enforcement decides to try and capture Sonic to prevent any further public disturbances, but Sonic proves to be to quick to capture. Sam is called in to try and capture Sonic because of his renown for being the fastest man on Earth. In his special S car, he is still unable to catch Sonic and vowes that one day they will race again, and that he will win. In the midst of the chase, Sonic runs off an unfinished road and falls down to the city below.

Sonic lands in a swimming pool, and is unable to escape it's depth. Just before drowning, he is saved by Chris Thorndyke and they introduce themselves to one another.


  • In the english 4kids dub, Eggman's base is mistakenly refered to as "Chaos Control" due to the overdubbers not knowing what Chaos Control really was.
  • This episode introduces almost all of the main cast.
  • This episode was given a lot more production value because It was meant to convince TMS Animation to pick up the show. After the show was syndicated, episodes had poorer animation quality.
  • This episode provides an explination as to why Sonic games may have went from humanless like areas to very modern populated cities.
  • Despite Sonic looking nothing like a normal hedgehog, citizens of Station Square realize he is suppose to be a hedgehog right away