Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a jewel thief who was transported to earth with Sonic and friends when Dr. Eggman caused Chaos Control. The President has her arrested and then asked to become a government agent, she agrees and makes good friends with another government agent named Topaz.


Rouge is rather flirtatious, especially with Knuckles, whom she has a crush on. She seems to take pleasure in teasing Knuckles and seeing him blush. She also likes to call knuckles names such as knucklehead, chicken and idiot to annoy him. She will likely take advantage of other peoples' kindness, though she sometimes manages to pay them back. She is extremely hard to figure out, and uses this to her advantage; it is hard to understand if she is on Sonic's side or on Eggman's. She can usually be seen with a smirk on her face.

Rouge the bat making knuckles blush XD

Rouge making Knuckles blush