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Shadow the Hedgehog is Sonic's arch-rival and the infamous black and red Ultimate Lifeform. He was created for the purpose of finding a cure for a deadly neurological disorder called NIDS, which was killing the granddaughter of his creator, Gerald Robotnik. With his speed granted by his rocket shoes, he is able to go toe-to-toe with Sonic. Shadow is your typical lone wolf. Brooding, melancholy, quiet, yet deep down vulnerable.


Shadow is the defining example of "edgy". Being Sonic's double-ganger, Shadow exhibits large scares of both similarities and differences to him. He's far more stern and serious than Sonic. However, he can be just as smug and sassy as Sonic at times and they both end up arguing who's the "faker".

Shadow is shown to be very proud of himself being the Ultimate Lifeform and likes to have others pay attention to it. He often gloats about his abilities, and will warn his opponents that they don't stand a chance against him.

Shadow tends to be very silent, and only speaks up when the latter is extremely important. He often comes off as somewhat cynical and gets easily annoyed with friendly and social conversations.
Sonicchannelshadow 2

Shadow the Hedgehog

Though he's almost always calm individual, Shadow can react rather violently in some situations, like attacking anyone for getting in his way or making him angry, regardless of the age, gender or how weak they are compared to him. He can also be rather savage in his actions, like killing even a child if viewed neccesary. However, his intentions are always good. He is acting solely out of protecting the galaxy and will only go on extreme lengths if it's for that cause. Because of this extremistic tendencies anyhow, people often misunderstand Shadow and have a hard time figuring him out.

Despite his attitude, Shadow is very caring of others and can be kind to those he feels deserve it. He will also help anyone who's in trouble. He is also shown to have developed bonds with several characters, like his arch-rival Sonic, Molly, his partner Rouge, and Chris because he reminds him of Maria in several ways.


  • Inhabitant Rings
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear


  • His memories of Maria
  • Losing his inhabitant rings


  • Though the design of Shadow the Hedgehog was meant to be a secret until such time SEGA decided to reveal the finalized version, details of the character were leaked when ReSaurus announced they were making figures of Shadow and Rouge, much as they had for the first Adventure title. Ironically, the company went out of business before they could release these figures to the masses.
  • Shadow is usually seen to have a missing quill in his "hairstyle" as compared to the games.
  • Shadow uses the third least amount of "English" in the Japanese version. Right behind Vector, who uses the second least amount of English, and Charmy, who only used it once.
  • Shadow's personality in Sonic X is rather similar to the one in the Sonic Archie Comics. Both his traits in them, Unlike in the games, does not determine if he is hurting a weak person or a woman. Both also tend to show their soft side, sometimes to the point of crying, whenever they're done hiding their emotions.
  • At the end of Season 3, Shadow's shadow can be seen placing a rose on Molly's grave. This tells the viewers that Shadow is in fact alive.
  • Although Shadow's blood is red in episode 73, it is hinted in the game Shadow the Hedgehog that his blood is actually green due to all members of the Black Arms having green blood. It should be noted, however that the Black Arms had red blood in the Japanese version of the game.
  • When Shadow is first shown running, he runs like Sonic rather than himself. This was probably to confuse the audience into thinking it was Sonic instead of Shadow, because at the time he wasn't officially introduced.
  • Even though he clearly is more dark natured than Sonic, Shadow was seen tearing up before Sonic was ever seen crying. Shadow shed a tear when he realized Maria's true wish (episode 38) and Sonic cried before he had to part ways with Chris at the end of season 2. Chris was present in each scene and triggered the reason for both hedgehogs to cry.
  • Even though Shadow is a dark character, he is seen to show remorse, such as when Tails was protecting Cosmo when Shadow found out she was a spy for the Metarex, Shadow had given him a chance to give up and walk away, even going far that he doesn't want to hurt him. He also stated to Cosmo that its probably better if he doesn't tell her why he's doing it.

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