A fictional city in which the first and second season mostly take place in, it is the home of Chris Thorndyke as well as other human beings. It is located in (a fictional) earth where Sonic and friends were teletransported. Many times it is Sonic's job to save the citizens of Station Square from the terrors of Dr. Eggman or in some cases other villains or "monsters" such as Chaos 0. A few times Sonic has been considered a threat to the city, and some have mistaken him for a villain, such as the time he knocked down Dr. Eggman's Sunshine Ball in episode 40 "Eggman for President" / "The Light is Ours!!" while trying to prove that Eggamn was lying. Or in season 2 during the "Project: Shadow" saga, when he was mistaken for Shadow the Hedgehog. Station Square seems to be a large, urban city, with a resemblance to Times Square, a major commercial intersection in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

Night view station
Wormeye view