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Character DescriptionEdit

Tiffany is a new female turtle character who 1st appears in Sonic Super Action Speed. She will also appear in Sonic X season 4.

Video Game AppearancesEdit

Television Cartoon Show AppearanceEdit

Tiffany the Turtle
Tiffany the Turtle

Tiffany the Turtle as she appears in 'Sonic X' season 4

First Anime appearance

Sonic X season 4

First Comic appearance

Sonic X Comic Magazine # 127

First Video Game appearance

Sonic Super Action Speed

English Voice Actor

Alyson Stoner (her own voice)

Japanese Voice Actor

Youko Teppouzuka


Light green and yellow female turtle




18-years-old (same as her voice portrayer)


Her team mates


Her enemies


Laser Fingers

Power-Blast Hands

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