aka Lord Vishnu

  • My occupation is Dividing into many different avatars
  • I am God
  • FlowerOfTheWind

    Wow, this is really a tough way of starting a blog post. Anyway, je suis FlowerOfTheWind. If you don't know who I am, I was the one who vandalised the wiki and created that "Farty Twerking Town" page because I saw an another vandal did it and I thought it was hilarious so I decided to team up with him. Here's the whole backstory:

    Let's go back in 2014, the year this wiki was filled with vandalism. I was 10-11 years old at that time, long before I created a Wikia account. In one summer day, I was completely bored and had nothing to do, but when I entered this wiki and went to Chris Thorndyke's page, I found it hilarious because it said a lot of statements such as him being a gay human child who loved in Farty Twerking Town (which was actuall…

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