Wow, this is really a tough way of starting a blog post. Anyway, je suis FlowerOfTheWind. If you don't know who I am, I was the one who vandalised the wiki and created that "Farty Twerking Town" page because I saw an another vandal did it and I thought it was hilarious so I decided to team up with him. Here's the whole backstory:

Let's go back in 2014, the year this wiki was filled with vandalism. I was 10-11 years old at that time, long before I created a Wikia account. In one summer day, I was completely bored and had nothing to do, but when I entered this wiki and went to Chris Thorndyke's page, I found it hilarious because it said a lot of statements such as him being a gay human child who loved in Farty Twerking Town (which was actually Station Square). This inspired me to do the same thing as what the anon did, and we did in in teamwork from time to time.

However, when more and more users complained because of the inappropriate content which had nothing to do with the wiki, they complained about it to Slipknot15's talk page, and he didn't know what to do about it until he requested for administration for this wiki. Since this wiki didn't have any established rules at that time, I continued to vandalise Chris' page because the anon who helped me disappeared, and they all blamed it on me even though I wasn't the first one who vandalised this wiki.

During that time, I wrote an article called "Farty Twerking Town" as a successor of the Chris Thorndyke page. Unfortunately, it was marked for deletion but I was able to write the same but different content again. The new users didn't know that it wasn't me who started all of this chaos. I felt harassed by them because of that page, and I finally learned from my rights and wrongs so I apologised to Slipknot15.

However, the apology appeared to be fake because I wanted to be the anon's successor, to I began to trick Slipknot into trying to go to the BoJack Horseman Wiki which was lonely, and said that I would continue to vandalise the page if I insisted. This caused me to be blocked for a year because I refused to accept the rules, and I thought the rules sounded like a blog post and not an average Wiki rule and that this wiki was filled with idiots who didn't understand humour.

Right after my IP address got blocked from the wiki, I tried to take revenge against this wiki by threatening to shut it down because I thought the admin was verbally or emotionally abusive.

So yeah, this is the story of how I vandalised that wiki. I have changed my behaviour now, and I hope you understand. It wasn't really me who vandalised this wiki first, I collaborated with another user.

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